Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler


With the continuously developed of our industrialization and urbanization, energy consumption continues to increase, air pollution is increasing seriousness, improving air quality is extremely urgent. The government and related departments have worked out a series of Control and preventive measures. Especially in the aspect of industrial air pollution comprehensive treatment, they have put forward the specific indicators and schedule of "coal to electricity" "coal to gas".
Aode machinery as a dozen years enterprise, has been committed to research and development of environmental protection heating system, and known the importance and emergency of air pollution prevention. In recent years, aode has established friendly cooperation with each areas in the field of atmospheric governance. And aode has provided full support in technology and service in all kinds of coal revamping project.
Our coal revamping project has achieved periodical successful Relying on our strong technical innovation ability, comprehensive service, and the depth cooperation. only in the first five months of 2016, aode machinery has helped hundreds of manufacturing enterprises to implement the coal to electricity project. Of course, our work is just starting. The way of environmental governance is a long time, We are always on the way. Aode machinery will continue to strive to promote the development of green, circulation and low carbon. We will contribute our strength to create a good ecological environment.