Solar heat collection &the application of electric heating (oil circulation )temperature control system in printing and dyeing industry in Tibet


With the concept of "globalization" has been given new meaning, reversing the trend of global warming, leaving one for survival and sustainable development of the environment for future generations of mankind, has become the consensus of the world. China, as the world's second largest economy entity, carbon dioxide emissions and a variety of non renewable energy consumption is also among the forefront of the world, at the same time ,environmental pollution has become increasingly serious which caused by a variety of energy consumption. In this situation, looking for new alternative energy sources become the most important, the solar energy as the eternal energy come into people's attention.
In recent years, in the country's strong support and promotion, solar energy has been widely used in various fields. so providing industrial temperature control equipment which are more energy and environmentally friendly for customers become the topic and research direction of AODE’s R & D team. By cooperating with the domestic solar energy research institutions and our R&D team’s continuous research and test, we achieved a complete success in making the solar heat temperature control system test, it was well applied in the field of industrial control.
In July 2016, our first solar thermal & dual circulation electric heating oil circulation temperature control system was used in Tibet, Lhasa where solar energy resources are very rich. And we have laid a good foundation for the spread and popularization of the solar energy collection and temperature control system in the process of industrial temperature control. we believe that AODE’s solar temperature control equipment will be used in more industry in the near future.